McCutcheon Lab has moved to Norway!

As of last week, the McCutcheon Lab has established its base of operations in Tromsø at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Jaime has moved to start setting things up in the north while Fabien and Giulia will continue working to finish up projects under co-supervision by our colleague, John Apergis-Schoute.

If you are interested in coming to work or study in Norway, please get in touch with Jaime as the lab will be hiring soon.

New PhD studentship with Campden Instruments

We have a new PhD studentship available in the lab that will run in conjunction with Campden Instruments. As a BBSRC-funded industrial collaboration, the student will spend time both in the lab and in Campden's offices and manufacturing plant where they help to engineer innovative laboratory equipment. More details can be found at the following links:

Deadline is 6 January 2019 with a start date of October 2019.

Thanks, Conor!

Conor McKiernan has just finished a successful summer placement in the lab funded by BBSRC. Conor was using voltammetry to look for feeding-induced electrochemical signals in the snail brain and made some critical steps towards this goal. He will now have a few weeks' break before coming back in October to complete the final year of his Neuroscience BSc course.

BBSRC-funded PhD position available

We have a new BBSRC-funded PhD position available for an exceptional student as part of the Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership. The project is titled, "Integration of sensory input with motivational state" and more details can be found at the following link:

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Jaime McCutcheon for more information.

Fabien has arrived!

Today, we welcome Dr Fabien Naneix who is joining the lab as a postdoc. Fabien is moving to Leicester from Bordeaux where he conducted a PhD and postdoctoral with Dr Etienne Coutureau, Dr Martine Cador, and Dr Guillaume Ferreira. His research to date has examined the role of mesolimbic and mesocortical systems in goal-directed behaviour with a later focus on sugar consumption during adolescence. In the McCutcheon Lab, Fabien will primarily look at neural coding of nutrient value using electrophysiology.

PhD position available via MIBPT program

A BBSRC-funded PhD studentship is now available via the Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership, a doctoral program that brings together University of Leicester, University of Birmingham, and University of Warwick. The project in our lab is entitled "Role of dopamine and mesolimbic circuits in encoding nutritional value."

For more information please contact Dr. James McCutcheon or see the link below.

Link to project

New collaborative paper published in Frontiers

We have a new paper published in collaboration with Drs. Will Norton and Andrew Young. Lauren Jones, a PhD student in the Norton lab is lead author. In the article, we describe the first voltammetry measurements, to our knowledge, that have been made in the zebrafish brain.

Jones LJ, McCutcheon JE, Young AMJ, Norton WJ (2015). Neurochemical measurements in the zebrafish brain. Front Behav Neurosci

Welcome to Heramb!

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Heramb Chadchankar has joined the lab as a postdoc to work on a BBSRC-funded project entitled "Role of nucleus accumbens in encoding nutritional value".

Heramb completed his Ph.D. in the lab of Dr. Leonid Yavich at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio where he used in vivo voltammetry to study the role of alpha-synuclein in regulating neurotransmitter release.